City Nature Challenge (CNC) 2019 Results

Activity Report

The City Nature Challenge (CNC) 2019 results are in! Nearly 160 cities across five continents partook in this four-day citizen science event - together creating a valuable snapshot in time of urban biodiversity. Hong Kong was placed second, in terms of the number of species observed. At KFBG, 680+ observations, covering 300+ species were recorded by 61 observers. Our experts from the Flora and Fauna Conservation Departments helped identify some of the species and would like to share our main findings below.

It was great to see the wide range of fauna and flora recorded at KFBG and results will add to the knowledge base of our small nature reserve.  It was particularly good to see rare and sensitive species like the Hong Kong Cascade Frog and the Hong Kong Newt recorded as these species really rely upon clean, high quality streams for their survival and their presence within the KFBG grounds is an indicator that the stream is in good ecological health. 

During the period, a diverse range of flora was recorded at KFBG, including a mixture of both native and exotic species. Hong Kong Pavetta, which has been listed in the 100 rarest native plant species in Hong Kong, was photographed along with other rare species. We are proud to provide a site where the public are able to observe a great variety of Hong Kong native species in flower.

Take a look at the KFBG observations in the City Nature Challenge 2019:

Hong Kong Cascade Frog (Amolops hongkongensis):

Hong Kong Newt (Paramesotriton hongkongensis):

Hong Kong Pavetta (Pavetta hongkongensis):