Forest Restoration Project – Tree Planting Activity 2018

Activity Report
Tree planting activity is held annually at KFBG on Earth Day.  It was held on 20th April this year. All KFBG staff gathered together and celebrated Earth Day through planting native trees on the hillside of Tai Mo Shan.
Planting native trees to the hillside at Tai Mo Shan is an on-going project to restore our native forest.  This year, 144 staff and guests planted 1,280 seedlings of 77 native tree species (Please see the table below).  Some of the tree species are listed in 100 Rare and Precious Plants of Hong Kong, The aim of this experiment is to further enrich species diversity at tree planting site. Tree protectors were installed to protect the seedlings from strong wind and animal foraging.

Scientific name

Chinese name

English name

Machilus wangchiana


Xinyi Machilus

Mahonia oiwakensis


Island Mahonia

Artocarpus hypargyreus


Silver-back Artocarpus

Ormosia pachycarpa


Hairy-fruited Ormosia

Lithocarpus konishii


Taiwan Rock Oak

Viburnum hanceanum


Hance's Viburnum

Pavetta hongkongensis


Hong Kong Pavetta

Set up for this year’s tree planting

Staff taking group photo at the tree planting site with fruitful smiles on their faces