The Story of Honey

KFBG Diary

After going through the following steps, a bottle of delicious honey is ready!

Nectar Source: 
Hong Kong’s nectar sources are mainly divided into two categories: fruit trees and native trees. The former are generally lychee and longan, while ivy trees are representative of the latter. Besides, Kadoorie Farm is located near Tai Mo Shan, where many Machilus grow naturally and are our main nectar source.

Honey produced from different nectar sources has its own flavour. In terms of consumer response, honey from the ivy tree is the most popular.

“Let’s watch the honey bees harvest nectar from the ivy tree!”

Bees store honey in the upper part of the hive frame as a food source. When the honey is mature, the beekeeper removes the wax seal on the hives to collect the honey.

The amount of harvest should be appropriate, so we always leave some honey for the bees to eat.

All glass bottles containing honey are first disinfected to ensure hygiene. Under normal circumstances, honey can be stored at room temperature for one or two years and need not be placed in a refrigerator. Sometimes crystals will form at the bottom of the jar, but that is nothing to worry about. This is a normal phenomenon and usually does not affect the quality.