"In Touch with Nature" Winter Camp for Children 2017

Activity Report

The 3 day winter camp was held from 27th- 29th December. Participants had the chance to get close to animals, hike and create artworks with upcycled materials. They gained knowledge of nature, but moreover were inspired to protect nature. Here are some of the highlights of the programme:

How does it feel to touch a ball python? They said it was soft and an unforgettable experience.

Children were preparing presents for monkeys by wrapping nuts and dried fruits for them.

Finally, it is gift time for the monkeys! Children hid the surprises at different spots inside Monkey Haven.

Camp counsellors and participants hiked from Kadoorie Brothers Memorial Pavilion. The breathtaking scenery along the Sky Trail relieved their fatigue.

Children expressed their gratitude to nature by using natural materials to create art.

They also created musical instruments, toys and artworks with upcycled materials.

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