Leaf Flush – In Anticipation of Surging Spring Growth

KFBG Diary

A flush of green and burgundy bursts across our forest restoration site upon the arrival of spring. The array of colours, shapes and textures speaks for the diversity of 250 native tree species. This flood of young foliage makes us hopeful and excited for a surge in growth, foretelling the success of forest recovery on our upper hillside.

The panel above showcase the diverse colours of our native plants (from left to right, top to bottom):

Machilus chekiangensis (Chekiang Machilus) 

Cinnamomum appelianum (Hairy-twigged Cinnamon) 

Cyclobalanopsis blakei (Blake’s Oak) 

Phyllanthus emblica (Myrobalan) 

Cyclobalanopsis championii (Champion’s Oak) 

Acer tutcheri (Tutcher’s maple) 

Castanopsis concinna (Hairy Chestnut) 

An impressive sight of our restoration site from a distant