The Chinese New Year Flower is in full bloom at KFBG

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The Chinese New Year Flower (Enkianthus quinqueflorus) is now flowering. You are welcome to visit this spectacular flower on the Enkianthus Walk in the upper area of KFBG!

Enkianthus quinqueflorus is a lunar new year favourite for good reason. Its abundant clusters of pendent, semi-transparent flowers are not easily overlooked and have earnt the species the common name ‘Pink Chandelier’. Each flower is clasped at base by a fringe of bright magenta bracts and the tube formed by the five fused, pink petals gives them the appearance of a petite bell. What’s more, fresh clumps of prominently veined, glossy leaves are unfurled at around the same time. However, beauty comes at a price. It has attracted unwanted attention from collectors, which has in the past brought it close to extinction! The species is therefore listed as a protected species in Hong Kong and that collection is strictly prohibited.