‘The Wild Encounter’ 3-day Summer Youth Camp

Activity Report

‘The Wild Encounter’ was the new summer camp for youth aged 12-14 years. A total of 29 campers joined the camp during 17-19 July 2017. The camp activities give participants first-hand experience of KFBG’s conservation work such as wild animal rescue, wildlife survey and forest restoration. Despite the unstable weather during the 3 days, our campers, counsellors and staff were still able to enjoy the activities. These are some of the highlights of the programme:

Campers visited a bird enclosure in the Wild Animal Rescue Center and learned how staff look after injured birds here.

Campers also learnt about the conservation programme for Golden-coin Turtle, a critically endangered species.

Campers were excited to meet a rescued ball python.

Our Fauna conservation officer shared her experience of finding and tracking animals in the wild.

Trees provide habitats for animals in the forest. Campers learned to respect trees by doing woodwork.

A camper designing his own photo holder using recycled wood.

How does it feel to have a stick insect crawling on your hand?

A camper designing her ‘camp journal’ by using natural materials. 

At the end of the camp, we received a lot of feedback from campers. Here are some of their comments:

  • “I’ve had a once-in-a-lifetime experience here doing woodwork and getting close to animals.”
  • “I enjoy woodworking. It makes me happy. I love the stick insects too.”
  • “Many good art activities! I love art.”
  • “I enjoyed most activities especially the animal encounters. The bat was really cute and the others were interesting too. Art projects were also fun.”
  • “Good environment. Fresh air. Great scenery. Good place to learn about animals.”
  • “Thanks for hosting this. It inspired me a lot. KFBG is a great place that matches my belief. Keep up with the good work.”

Due to bad weather during the camp period, a night walk was re-scheduled in August for the Youth Camp participants. The weather was surprisingly great on the re-scheduled day. Campers enjoyed their night by having an immersive experience in the forest, and reflecting on their relationship with the environment.

Campers enjoyed the beauty of sunset at Kwun Yam Shan Summit. A wonderful night walk marked the end of the Youth Camp.

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