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Visitors Guidelines

  1. Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden (KFBG) is a conservation and education centre. Please be environmentally conscious and help us preserve the harmony of nature for people and wildlife.
  2. Please be conscious of your own safety. Be careful around step slopes, terraces and bridges and keep children under control.
  3. Except with the written permission of the Executive Director, persons under the age of 16 years are required to be accompanied by a person of at least 18 years of age who is responsible for the activities of the young person.
  4. Gathering place should be at Reception Plaza.
  5. Please keep KFBG clean.
  6. No picking, snapping or moving plants in KFBG.
  7. No feeding, catching or disturbing any animals in KFBG.
  8. No removing stones or damaging the facilities in KFBG.
  9. No animals can be brought into KFBG.
  10. No lighting of fires or setting-up barbecues in KFBG.
  11. Photography for commercial purposes is not permitted.
  12. Smoking is only permitted at the designated Smoker’s Den.
  13. Visitors should refrain from walking on terraces, in streams or restricted areas.
  14. Young people are required to behave in an orderly and safe manner; shouting and charging around, which are not conducive to a safe and meaningful learning experience, are not permitted. Teachers / Group Leaders are responsible for the behaviour of the young people in their care.
  15. A maximum ratio of 1:12, adults to young people, is expected so as to facilitate a positive, safe, learning experience. Large groups should split down into subgroups of 12 students for the entire visit to enable a meaningful experience. Teachers and other leader that do not follow this ratio may be asked to leave.
  16. Visitors must not operate or play, or make any sounds on, any musical or other instrument, including any sound device, loud hailer, gramophone or radio apparatus, or sing any song or shout without the written permission of the Executive Director. Please keep quiet while passing by rehabilitation centres or any animal cages.
  17. Visitors must not advertise, deliver a public speech, lecture, prayer, scripture or sermon, or hold or take part in a public gathering, meeting or procession as defined in the Public Order Ordinance (Cap 245) without the written permission of the Executive Director.
  18. Visitors must not except with the Executive Director's written permission display any notice, sign, poster, banner, placard, bill or advertisement or any similar picture, wording or decoration to, or upon any part of any building, wall, post, seat or any other structure forming part of the Garden or to any tree or other natural feature.
  19. Only enter KFBG through the designated entrance at the Reception or Vehicle Entrance on Lam Kam Road, unless you have written permission from the Executive Director to do otherwise.
  20. Hikers coming off Tai Mo Shan are not permitted to cross the main boundary of KFBG. A path marked on any map does not mean it is legal to access to KFBG. Hikers descending Tai Mo Shan can reach Ng Tung Chai by turning right as signposted 100m south of the KFBG boundary.
  21. Please take care of children when visiting KFBG.
  22. Please wear appropriate clothing (e.g., sport/hiking shoes, sport clothes & hats) and bring along umbrellas or raincoats, in case of bad weather.
  23. Please do not fly a kite, model aircraft, balloons or other similar devices in KFBG.
  24. Please do not use obscene or foul language.
  25. KFBG reserves the right to terminate any visit in circumstances where visitors fail to comply with these guidelines or the KFBG Bylaw.
There is no bottled water available at KFBG. However, we do have drinking water machines that can supply you with purified KFBG stream water. Please remember to bring your own refillable water bottle.

Updated: November 2015