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The challenges from Climate Change and shrinking of natural habitats, and their knock-on effects, will force us to rethink our wobbling globalised economy and unsustainable culture. Rather than ignoring the signs and sleepwalking into disaster, we must embrace the inevitable changes positively, in an organized way. We have an opportunity to bring our communities closer together to dream, to plan how we can live with lower ecological footprint, and to follow more sustainable ways of living, that are in line with the needs of our soil, soul and society.

The good news is that signs of changes are happening in Hong Kong and elsewhere. Communities are coming together, in ways that have not been seen for a long time, to seek cleaner air, waste reduction and nature conservation. Support for sustainable urban agriculture and social enterprise is growing. Farmers markets, community co-operatives, eco-living, and 'buy-local' are all back in fashion. These things are more than a trend, they are part of a profound shift in the way we live our lives.

We believe ‘we are what we eat’, and any positive change in the world has to start with ourselves. Our Eat Well food programme uses food as the entry point in helping people to reconnect their souls with the soil and society.

Our farming courses enable city dwellers to set up micro gardens for healthy food production and food education.

Our community supported agriculture schemes bridge consumers and local, sustainable producers in collaboration to create alternatives to meet our needs in more sustainable ways.

We engage professionals and community in setting up sustainable living demonstration projects. These initiatives, ranging from food gardens, zero-waste operations, eco-architecture to heritage preservation, inspire wider imagination and enhance our capability to transit to sustainable living, together.

The Green Hub project has adopted a holistic conservation approach to revitalise the Old Tai Police Station, a grade 1 historic building, to a community hub to promote sustainable living.

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