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Animal Encounters
Raptor Talk

1. Objectives
On the first, second and third Sunday of every month, there will be an "Animal Encounters" activity to give visitors a close experience with animals. We hope to bring nature closer to visitors, increase general awareness related to wildlife conservation and illegal wildlife trade, and inspire respect and appreciation of animals. We are hoping that through our event, visitors are empowered to make informed conservation choices and live a greener lifestyle.

2. Content
On the first, second and third Sunday of every month, there will be an "Animal Encounters" activity to give visitors a close experience with animals. Experienced animal keepers will introduce our animal ambassadors and convey their stories.

*Programme Schedule is subject to change without prior notice. The latest Animal Encounters schedule will be announced on KFBG Website Homepage and KFBG Facebook.



Python Talk

Raptor Talk

Python Talk

Native Mammal Talk


11:30 - 12:00

13:15 - 13:45

14:30 - 15:00

15:15 - 15:45

Registration Time





Gathering Time











Area outside Art House

Raptor Encounter Counter

Area outside Art House

Piers Jacobs Wildlife Sanctuary &
Native Mammal Display

Registration: Visitors can sign up for our Animal Encounters on the day at the Animal Encounters Registration Counter near Reception. KFBG volunteers will be stationed at the Counter to help visitors register and lead them to the venues.


  1. Each person can only sign up for a maximum of 3 people at one of the talks in the morning and afternoon registration periods respectively.
  2. Our Animal Encounters are very popular, so visitors might need to arrive early to queue and sign up. Places will be allocated on a first come first serve basis.


Discovery Tables

A Discovery Table will exhibit a variety of confiscated animal specimens, including birds, reptiles and mammals. By touching the specimens and listening to the information provided by the volunteers, we hope that visitors can be inspired and be respectful to nature.

3. Date
'Animal Encounters' and 'Discovery Table' for 9 and 16 Jan 2022 have been cancelled due to the present health concerns.

4. Time

5. Target Group
Everyone is welcome.

6. Language
Cantonese (Volunteers may provide English interpretation if necessary)

7. Application/Enquiry
A Registration Counter will be set up near the Reception Office. Please register on arrival. For more information, please check with our staff at the Reception Office regarding the programme schedule upon your arrival at KFBG or check our Facebook for updates.

8. Remarks
These education activities may be cancelled due to severe weather. Please confirm with our staff at the Reception about the programme schedule before your visit.