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KFBG delivers inspiring, awareness-shifting and transformative programmes that are rich in potential life-changing experiences.

Having plenty of money and material possessions may not give us true happiness and could lead to unnecessary consumerism and a wasteful lifestyle. Such lifestyle habits and behaviours directly cause the destruction of natural habitats and pollute our air, water and soil.  In ancient Greece Gaia was the personification of Earth. People recognized that she should be respected like our mother, as she gives us life and provides for us.

We offer an opportunity and a peaceful space in the natural environment of KFBG for participants to experience, to rethink, to identify and to be able to deeply connect and appreciate Gaia, our mother Earth, and the interconnection and interrelationship that we share with her.

By being close to, and having a respect for nature, through our transformative workshops, people could experience a sense of deep happiness and spiritual contentment in which could facilitate a more holistic way of living.

Current and Upcoming

Dr. Satish Kumar

Every year, KFBG invites many local and overseas speakers and experts in different fields to engage in our transformative workshops. We are also developing transformative programmes in collaboration with Schumacher College from the UK,  a well-known international college for transformative courses for sustainable living which has inspired and encouraged people of all ages and backgrounds around the world to act and to stand up for sustainable living and the long-term health of planet.

The renowned educator and writer, Dr. Satish Kumar of Schumacher College, has shared his views on holistic topics in public talks and workshops to major corporations, Government, schools and universities in Hong Kong. Video highlights can be found at the Video Library.

Online Nature Experience ‧ “A Moment of Contemplation”

Due to the volatile situation of the pandemic, you may not be able to join the workshop at KFBG as usual. So, we have specially prepared a series of videos, for you to take time out in your busy day-to-day and pause to take a moment of contemplation, and experience Nature’s tranquillity from home.

Please click here to visit, and we look forward to seeing you at KFBG soon.