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Healing Power of Nature – Self-guided Online Course with Dr. Claire Elouard

Healing Power of Nature – Self-guided Online Course with Dr. Claire Elouard


1. Nature / Objectives

This three-week self-guided online course presented by Dr. Claire Elouard is an approach to connect with nature and trees and the various Elements of nature– Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether.

The first week of the course explores the different Elements of nature and their healing powers. It includes a video talk and some audio exercises on some of the qualities of these elements and healing powers that can help us in our personal development and in dealing with some difficult situations in our life. The participants will be able to do these exercises indoor or outdoor.

The second week explores our connection with trees and their qualities. A video talk will first describe the communication of trees and how to develop our connection with trees. Audio exercises will guide us in our connection with trees and in our perception of some of their qualities. The participants will do these exercises outdoor with trees in a park or in a forest.

The third week is an interactive week. Participants can bring their questions and interact with Claire through online meeting sessions. 

Teacher: Dr. Claire Elouard

Dr. Claire Elouard is of French nationality; she spent her early childhood in Senegal, Africa, and later studied in France. She has a Master’s degree in Biology and a Ph.D. in vegetal ecology from Universities in France. She conducted her field research for her Ph.D. in Indonesia, and afterward spent eight years doing research in forest pathology and ecology in Malaysia and South India. Subsequently, she directed an environmental project in the Mumbai area in India, from 2001 to 2015. She has been coming to KFBG for over 10 years delivering her workshops on the “Energy of Nature”.

Dr. Claire Elouard has been deeply connected with nature since childhood. She later developed her perception of nature’s energy and deepened it by learning about the Hindu philosophy on the five elements and their corresponding chakras. She has been teaching people to communicate with nature and perceive its energy since 2004 in India, France, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and China. 


2. Content

This 3-week online workshop includes the following:

1st week (30th November - 6th December)

    • Video talk on “Being in nature and getting replenished by the healing powers of nature” and 5 audio indoor/ outdoor exercises

2nd week (7th – 13th December)

    • Video talk on “Connecting with trees and their qualities” and 3 audio outdoor exercises

3rd week (14th – 20th December)

    • An interactive week with 2 live meeting sessions with Claire. Meeting will take place at below time and participants who have questions or anything to share can join.
    • 2100 HKT on 16th December, Wed
    • 1600 HKT on 20th December, Sun


3. Language


4. Target group / No. of Participants

  • Aged 18 years and above
  • Maximum of 50 participants


5. Course Period
30th November – 20th December, 2020


6. Format/ Location

  • Online resources: Available on KFBG learning platform throughout the course period
  • Interactive session: Zoom
  • Offline self-guided session: Any green area nearby or KFBG


7. Fee
HK$350 per person (including workshop fee, 2 KFBG admission tickets and 2 KFBG same-day shuttle bus tickets)


8. Application
Please complete your registration as follows:

  1. Please click HERE for the online registration and payment (HK$350) online on or before 23rd November 2020.
  2. Upon receipt of the application form and payment, a confirmation letter will be sent to you by email within 5 working days.
  3. Payment is not refundable after confirmation.

9. Enquiry
For enquiries, please contact Ms. Vera Hung at 2483 7107 or


10. Note

  • The workshop is held fully online. Offline sessions require self-guidance following materials provided by Dr. Claire Elouard.
  • All the materials will be shared on KFBG learning platform, personal login ID and password will be provided by 26th November 2020. Participants can login to access all the materials within the learning period. Access to materials except written note will be lost upon the end on the course period.
  • Please download and install Zoom on your device before the interactive week.
  • Please check your email inbox and junk box regularly to ensure you are always informed with the course latest updates.
  • To use the complementary tickets, please bring hard copy or show e-version of the confirmation letter at reception.
  • The complimentary KFBG admission tickets are valid until 31st December, 2020. Shuttle bus tickets are valid on the same day of admission only. Participants enjoy the flexibility to use the admission tickets on the same or different day.
  • Prior notice will be given to participants in case of cancellation. In such a case a full refund will also be arranged accordingly. 
  • To ensure the quality of the workshop for all participants, KFBG reserves the right to select participants for this workshop if we feel necessary. For unsuccessful applications, a full refund will be arranged by bank transfer or cheque within one month.