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Kadoorie Earth Programme 2023 Talk Series by International Ecological Speakers from ‘Deadlihoods’ to ‘Alivelihoods’ with Manish Jain
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Manish Jain explores how we can bring our energies to transforming the systems we live in after we have fallen back in love with the rest of nature. He shares his ideas and stories around moving from ‘Deadlihood’ careers and lifestyles to ‘Alivelihoods’ –  those careers that bring our deepest selves, our communities and our ecosystems alive again. How to make our work sacred again? How to reclaim local culture and reimagine education? How to rebuild the gift culture?

He shares practical experiences from his work at the Ecoversities Alliance, Swaraj University and Complexity University.

Manish Jain

Manish is one of the leading planetary voices for reimagining education and deschooling our lives. He has served for the past 25 years as Chief Beaver - (ecosystems builder) of Shikshantar: the Peoples’ Institute for Rethinking Education and Development based in Udaipur, India. He is co-founder of several innovative educational experiments in the world, including Swaraj University, Jail University, Complexity University, Learning Societies Unconference and Families Learning Together network.

Prior to this, Manish worked as one of the principal team members of the UNESCO Learning Without Frontiers global initiative at its Paris headquarters. He has also been a consultant to UNICEF, World Bank, and USAID in Africa, South Asia and the former Soviet Union. Manish also worked as an investment banker with Morgan Stanley. He has been trying to unlearn his master's degree in Education from Harvard University and a BA in Economics, International Development and Political Philosophy from Brown University.

Manish Jain

Ying Liang

Ying has been in the front line of holistic learning and eco-community in China since graduating from Schumacher College (UK) with Masters in Economics for Transition. In 2018, she co-founded Schumi Learning Garden in a traditional Hakka village which has now become one of the pioneers in demonstrating alternative ways of rural revitalization. Since 2021, she has reoriented herself from leading the on-site centre to orchestrating and facilitating long-term online courses in the themes of re-wilding human nature and regenerative economics, together with teachers who have taught at Schumacher College, as well as being a collaborator of other education initiatives and a consultant and mentor of eco-communities.

Ying Liang

English (Supports simultaneous interpretation in Cantonese and Putonghua)

Date and Time
14 December 2023 (Thursday), 19:30 - 21:00 HKT


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