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KEP 2024 Talk Series | ‘What is an Ecovillage?’ – A Dialogue Between Om Sunisa and Chan Shun Hing

In this time of ecological and climate crisis, ecovillages are creating solutions in response to the challenges we face. This talk is an opportunity to gain knowledge and perspectives on ‘What is an Ecovillage?’, including its key elements according to the framework devised by the Global Ecovillage Network (GEN). The talk also offers examples of two intentional ecovillages: Gaia Ashram based in Thailand and Nam Chung Eco-Community in Hong Kong. 

Om Sunisa (from Gaia Ashram) and Chan Shun Hing (from Nam Chung Eco-Community) draw on their own experiences of the ecovillage concept and development in their local contexts. They share about the challenges and rewards in their ecovillage development journey.


Om Sunisa Janwiset Deiters 

Om Sunisa lived and worked as a facilitator at Wongsanit Ashram, a socially engaged spiritual community, for eight years, and later at the Panya Permaculture project, both in Thailand. She helped created the Next Generation of Global Ecovillage Network of Asia & Oceania (NextGENOA) and provided trainings to NextGENOA leading team. She has facilitated courses in several Asian countries for NGO workers, young Buddhists activists, international students and travellers. She uses participatory teaching methods, and her focus is on deep ecology and nature connection and Ecovillage Design Education. She founded Gaia Ashram, an ecovillage and learning centre with her partner in 2012. Now she is based at Gaia Ashram and teaches programmes at Gaia Ashram and in other centres around Thailand. She also travels to teach in other countries.
Om Sunisa Janwiset Deiters

Chan Shun Hing

Shun Hing engaged in research and teaching work in Hong Kong for over 20 years after she received her PhD degree from Peking University in 1996. After retirement in 2013, she re-connected with the soil through farming and rural land conservation activism. She co-founded Partnership for Eco Agriculture and the Conservation of Earth (PEACE), a small organisation based in Nam Chung, Sha Tau Kok, Hong Kong, to practice organic farming, holistic life and ecological education. Now she is a core member of the Nam Chung Reed Blossom Eco Community evolved from the past 10 years' endeavours.  Before retirement, she served as associate professor in the Department of Cultural Studies, Lingnan University, with feminist studies as her main research interest. She has also participated in the local women's movement since the 1980s.  During these years, from gender to ecology, and from urban to rural, both intellectual and living practices have enriched her understanding of eco-feminism and nature. She hopes she can continue to address different environmental crises, including climate change, with her life experiences and passion towards all sentient beings.

Chan Shun Hing


Szeman Ng, Natalie

Szeman worked in an international Green NGO as a community campaigner for several years. In 2013, she decided to further her understanding of the human-nature relationship. This led her to pursue a 2.5-year master's degree at the University of Freiburg, Germany, during which she conducted research in Argentina, Thailand, India and Italy on topics such as holistic sustainability, eco-village movements, spiritual ecology, healing in nature, and EcoDharma. Afterwards, she worked as a programme manager in an Innovative Education NGO, facilitating training sessions and focusing on the processes of learning. Currently, Szeman works as a senior officer for the KFBG Kadoorie Earth Programme. Additionally, she is pursuing a five-year master's programme in Dharma Psychology & Philosophy and leading groups that engage in natural healing and spiritual development during her leisure time.
Szeman Ng

Date and Time
8 August 2024 (Thursday), 19:30 - 21:00 HKT (11:30 - 13:00 GMT)


English (supports simultaneous interpretation in Cantonese and Putonghua)

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