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Reforestation Programme

Thank you for your interest in KFBG’s Reforestation Programme. The autumn session for 2022 is now full. You can still submit the application form to enroll in the waiting list. If more quota is available, KFBG will contact the applicants on the waiting list on a first-come, first-served basis.

For viewing the information booklet of the programme, please click here.

About KFBG

KFBG is a nature conservation and education centre located on the northern slopes of Tai Mo Shan in the New Territories. With educational displays featuring themes on South China biodiversity, native wildlife & plant conservation, organic farming, and sustainable living, KFBG offers a wide-range of educational experiences and receives over 160,000 visitors annually.


The upper slopes of Tai Mo Shan were once covered by healthy forest. Today, only a fraction remains as much of it was cleared over the last 2,000 years for farming and human use. It has been difficult for Hong Kong’s forest to re-establish itself even though intensive use has decreased. Unfortunately, the land’s once nutritious topsoil has been eroded, seedlings are grazed on by feral cattle, and the hillside is ravaged by fire every few years. 

After years of effort, secondary forests have been established in valleys and sheltered areas. The diversity of trees has 

greatly increased with around 250 tree species recorded, including rare species that would have only been found on remote islands. More human intervention is necessary to accelerate the reforestation process in other parts of Hong Kong, to rebuild original forest cover like thousands of years ago.

We would like to invite organizations and corporations to partner with us to support our tree reforestation project. This project is part of a large-scale, long-term experiment to research the best conditions to nurture trees and other native plant species to thrive on this high hillside and to grow into a diverse and healthy forest. Your involvement will contribute to the long-term success of not only this project but reforestation efforts across Hong Kong and even internationally, laying a scientific foundation for effective reforestation.

Get Involved

Show your commitment to the environment, inspire your workforce, and help us to reforest the mountainside of Hong Kong’s highest peak. Our programme provides an amazing team building experience and helps us fund reforestation on the steep slopes of Tai Mo Shan which can be labour and cost intensive.

The programme fee will go towards the KFBG Native Tree Nursery and future tree planting in our groundbreaking, globally recognized, Forest Restoration Research Programme.

Programme Highlights

Silent Walk
A simple breathing exercise followed by a silent walk to the planting site will allow participants to reconnect to nature, and help them to release stress and find some inner peace.

Your Team Building Day
Participants will learn about Hong Kong’s ongoing tree restoration project, the value of native trees, how other plant species can contribute a healthy forest and carry out hands-on planting of tree seedlings on the hill slopes and/or other native species which may help the young woodlands to become healthier. The day will consist of activities that help your team to relax and reconnect with nature as well as increase co-operation, enhance communication skills, and develop team spirit.

Planting Activity
In this project, different native tree, shrub, fern and orchid species will be planted in groups with different conditions. Tree guards and/or other planting tools will be used to improve the survival chances of tree seedlings. Participants will be divided into groups and complete different tasks such as weeding the site, adding fertilisers, setting special tree guards, and planting seedlings. While designing the work flow and allocating tasks, participants will be able to understand the importance of their role in a team and the difference it makes when a team collaborates effectively. The work must meet a rigorous scientific standard so that this long-term experiment, lasting many years, will be valid

Programme Details

Number of Tree Seedlings: On average, each person will have the chance to plant 2 seedlings/plant species (some teams may find it more efficient or prefer to divide the labour differently, but the total number of planted species should be 2x the number of participants).

Materials & Tools: KFBG will provide planting materials, tools, and tree seedlings/plant species.

Transportation: KFBG will provide transportation from the KFBG’s reception to the tree planting site

Activity Period:

A. Summer Session
May – July (Monday – Saturday, except public holidays)
0900 – 1300 hours (approximately 4 hours)
Minimum charge HKD25,000 for a group of 25.
For groups from 26 – 40 people, HKD1,000 per person.
B. Autumn Session

October – December (Monday – Saturday, except public holidays)
0900 – 1300 hours (approximately 4 hours)
Minimum charge HKD25,000 for a group of 25.
For groups from 26 – 40 people, HKD1,000 per person.

Watering Service Charge:
HKD12,000 ^
^ This is an additional fee to cover a contracted watering service for tree seedlings in the dry season. A custom additional fee will be calculated if more tree seedlings are planted.


* The fee includes: seed collection, caring of seedlings, pre-planting site preparation, planting materials, staffing and transportation on programme day, post-planting site maintenance, and tree growth monitoring.

Target Audience & Group Size: Adult (aged 18 or above), a minimum of 25 people to a maximum of 40 people

Facilitator: KFBG Education Officer and Certified Arborist (International Society of Arboriculture)

Insurance: All groups are advised to arrange for their own insurance coverage for the persons participating in this tree planting activity


1. 2022 Summer Session (Application period is over)

2. . 2022 Autumn Session (Application Start Date: 9:00 am, 10 August 2022)
Please click here to download the application form and send it to for enrolment. Application received prior to the application start date will not be considered.


Please contact Ms. Lau (Education Department) at 2483 7284 or email to


Suggested Reforestation Schedule (May vary with different planting work)

Activity Location Approximate Time Required
Introduction, safety briefing

KFBG Reception & Plaza

10 minutes
Transport by 24-seater coach to the upper area 20 minutes
Conservation Talk on Reforestation in the upper area 30 minutes

Collect tree seedlings, planting materials, breathing exercise and a silent walk uphill to the tree- planting site

KFBG Upper Hillside Area 20 minutes

Briefing on tree planting techniques and safety guidelines

Tree Planting

Tree Planting Site 2.5 hours

Walk back to the coach and return tools

20 minutes
Travel downhill by 24-seater coach to the Reception 20 minutes

Confirmation Procedures

  1. KFBG will confirm acceptance of the application by email within 10 days upon receiving the application form.
  2. For the payment of programme fee, a crossed cheque made payable to “Kadoorie Farm & Botanic Garden Corporation” should be posted to “Education Department, Kadoorie Farm & Botanic Garden, Lam Kam Road, Tai Po, N.T. ” within one week after receiving the payment voucher. Please mark “Application for Reforestation Programme” on the envelope.
  3. No change of the date for tree planting is allowed after confirmation. If a group wishes to change to another date for tree planting, it will be necessary to submit a new application.


Tree Planting Guidelines and Precautions

  1. Please bring along your own water bottles and enough drinking water. There is no bottled water available at KFBG.
  2. The footpaths are muddy and sometimes slippery. It is highly recommended that you wear appropriate clothing (e.g., sports/hiking shoes, outdoor wear). Please also bring along your hats and umbrellas/raincoats, in case of rain, and insect repellent (such as citronella-based insect deterrent). Be prepared to get dirty and sweaty.
  3. Please wear appropriate clothing – light-coloured long sleeves and trousers.
  4. Please follow the instructions of our staff at all times. They are concerned about your safety and well-being.
  5. Toilet facilities are available in the Reception area. It is, therefore, highly recommended that you use these facilities upon arrival; otherwise, you may need to wait until the end of the programme.
  6. As you need to carry the tree seedlings, tools, planting materials and walk for about 20 minutes uphill to the tree-planting site, please take into account your physical fitness. Please have enough sleep the day before this activity.
  7. Tree planting equipment will be provided. Equipment should be handled with care and must be returned to our staff in good condition after the planting activity has been completed.
  8. This activity is strenuous and is NOT recommended for very young or elderly persons. The tree planting is held on the steep slopes of Tai Mo Shan; for those who have acrophobia, vertigo or not capable in walking on steep slopes, please carefully consider whether it is suitable for you to participate in this activity.


General Visitors’ Guidelines

  1. Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden (KFBG) is a conservation and education centre. Please be environmentally conscious and help us preserve the harmony of nature for people and wildlife.
  2. Please be conscious of your own safety. Be careful around step slopes, terraces and bridges and keep children under control.
  3. Except with the written permission of the Executive Director, persons under the age of 16 years are required to be accompanied by a person of at least 18 years of age who is responsible for the activities of the young person.
  4. Gathering place should be at Reception Plaza.
  5. Please keep KFBG clean.
  6. No picking, snapping or moving plants in KFBG.
  7. No feeding, catching or disturbing any animals in KFBG.
  8. No removing stones or damaging the facilities in KFBG.
  9. No animals can be brought into KFBG.
  10. No lighting of fires or setting-up barbecues in KFBG.
  11. Photography for commercial purposes is not permitted.
  12. Smoking is only permitted at the designated Smoker’s Den.
  13. Visitors should refrain from walking on terraces, in streams or restricted areas.
  14. Young people are required to behave in an orderly and safe manner; shouting and charging around, which are not conducive to a safe and meaningful learning experience, are not permitted. Teachers / Group Leaders are responsible for the behaviour of the young people in their care.
  15. A maximum ratio of 1:12, adults to young people, is expected so as to facilitate a positive, safe, learning experience. Large groups should split down into subgroups of 12 students for the entire visit to enable a meaningful experience. Teachers and other leader that do not follow this ratio may be asked to leave.
  16. Visitors must not operate or play, or make any sounds on, any musical or other instrument, including any sound device, loud hailer, gramophone or radio apparatus, or sing any song or shout without the written permission of the Executive Director. Please keep quiet while passing by rehabilitation centres or any animal cages.
  17. Visitors must not advertise, deliver a public speech, lecture, prayer, scripture or sermon, or hold or take part in a public gathering, meeting or procession as defined in the Public Order Ordinance (Cap 245) without the written permission of the Executive Director.
  18. Visitors must not except with the Executive Director's written permission display any notice, sign, poster, banner, placard, bill or advertisement or any similar picture, wording or decoration to, or upon any part of any building, wall, post, seat or any other structure forming part of the Garden or to any tree or other natural feature.
  19. Only enter KFBG through the designated entrance at the Reception or Vehicle Entrance on Lam Kam Road, unless you have written permission from the Executive Director to do otherwise.
  20. Hikers coming off Tai Mo Shan are not permitted to cross the main boundary of KFBG. To come off Tai Mo Shan they may cross the upper boundary of KFBG's Short Term Tenancy and walk along the SKY Trail in an easterly direction and take the public path down to Ng Tung Chai.
  21. Please take care of children when visiting KFBG.
  22. Please wear appropriate clothing (e.g., sport/hiking shoes, sport clothes & hats) and bring along umbrellas or raincoats, in case of bad weather.
  23. Please do not fly a kite, model aircraft, balloons or other similar devices in KFBG.
  24. Please do not use obscene or foul language.
  25. KFBG reserves the right to terminate any visit in circumstances where visitors fail to comply with these guidelines or the KFBG Bylaw.


Measures for Bad Weather

The following measures will be taken for any condition/ warning signal be hoisted 2.5 hours (i.e. 06:30 am) prior to the starting time of visit:

Weather Condition/ Warning Signals Tree Planting Programme KFBG remains open/ closed
Typhoon Signal No. 8

Tree Planting Programme will be cancelled, organisation can choose one of the following options:

Option 1: Reschedule*; or

Option 2: Refund

Black Rainstorm Warning
Red Rainstorm Warning
Landslip Warning
Amber Rainstorm Warning

Open, but visitors are advised to descend from upper areas.

Vehicles are not permitted in the upper areas if bad weather prevails.

Typhoon Signal No. 3
Typhoon Signal No. 1
Thunderstorm Warning
Very Hot Weather Warning
Heavy Rain

*Rescheduling of the tree planting activity will depend upon availability of alternative dates. Normally, it will be rescheduled to one week after the original activity date. Each activity can only be rescheduled once. If bad weather prevails on rescheduled date, refund will be arranged.

We reserve all rights to alter the programme in case of inclement weather conditions.


Organizations may also choose to make a donation to reforestation research in lieu of tree planting. All proceeds will go to our reforestation research and tree planting, especially in steep, inaccessible slopes. KFBG’s reforestation research is a ground breaking effort to rejuvenate barren and scarred landscapes into an ecologically balanced, sustainable and rich forest of native plants and animals. This important work will help inform and transform restoration practices across the world. In recognition of your support, all donations of $50,000 and over will be recognized with a Certification of Appreciation. Please help us build a world in which people live sustainably with respect for each other and nature.

If you would like to inquire about donations, please contact Abby Ho (Partnership Department) at 2483 7106 or via email