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Zentangle in Nature for Children and Parents

  1. Nature / Objectives

This three-hour activity is designed to help children and parents connect with nature through the art form of‘Zentangle’.

Zentangle is not just a way to draw but a way to meditate through art. Children will learn to focus and be patient as they make "one stroke at a time"®. Parents will find the activity leads them to reflect and become more relaxed as they immerse themselves in nature. The outcomes are as limitless as one’s imagination.

It is an easy-to-learn and fun way to create meaningful art through lines and pen strokes. Without any art background, anyone can enjoy the process and create beautiful graphics easily. This fun and relaxing approach is useful to help participants feel empowered and connected to nature, which they can use again and again.

  1. Programme Content
  • Zentangle
    Learn the drawing technique of Zentangle to connect to nature through art
  • Contemplation
    Immerse oneself in silent contemplation of nature
  • Drawing exercise
    Zentangle-in-nature drawing exercise
  • Nature walk
    Open up the five senses in the guided nature walk
  • Awareness
    Deepen one’s awareness of beauty
  1. Date
    Class A: 14 July 2023 (Friday)
    Class B: 4 August 2023 (Friday)
    Class C: 5 August 2023 (Saturday)
  1. Duration
    10:00am -12:30pm

  2. Venue
    Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden

  3. Fee
    HK$500 per family of 1 child and 1 adult (min. 5 pairs)
    Note: KFBG will not refund the payment once confirmed unless it is cancelled due to inclement weather conditions.

  4. Target audience
    Children aged 6-12 years and parents (every child must be accompanied by an adult)
    (Artistic background is NOT required)
  1. Instructors
    Natalie (KFBG Senior Education Officer and Certified Zentangle Teacher)
    Alice (KFBG Art Education Officer and Certified Zentangle Teacher)
    Suki (KFBG Assistant Education Officer and Certified Zentangle Teacher)
    Holly (KFBG Assistant Education Officer and Certified Zentangle Teacher)

  2. Language

  3. Capacity
    10-24 per class

  4. Inquiries
    Ms Alice Lam at 2483 7276 or email

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