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Constructed Wetland Wastewater Treatment System

We have on average over 3,000 visitors per week and over 200 staff. We are not connected to the Government sewer system, and we do not discharge any waste water into the stream. How do we achieve this?

KFBG's Constructed Wetland Wastewater Treatment System connects all the major toilet and animal enclosure facilities, and uses a variety of wetland plants as biological filters for wastewater treatment. Micro-organisms and the roots of the plants take up the pathogens and nutrients in the water and thus clean it. The treated water is then re-used for flushing toilets and irrigation of non-edible plants. The plants in the wetland are regularly harvested and used as mulch for nutrient recycling on our farmland. Everyday we take out around 10% of the recycled water and use it to irrigate the forest, and add in a new 10% in volume from the stream.

The display area of the wetland is open to visitors by special arrangement.

This is cutting edge, yet very simple and is an example of what can be done in places where there are no sewers. There is no discharge of effluent or waster water into the stream.

In December 2014 we hosted a special visit from the Director of the Environmental Protection Department and senior EPD officials. They were briefed on the wetland system and were very supportive of the system and the initiative.