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Executive Director

Wander joined KFBG on 1 November 2021. He is a senior executive with 25+ years business and management consultancy experience in Europe, Latin America and Asia Pacific, including 18 years in Hong Kong and China. He is specialized in conservation research, with an emphasis on demand reduction for wildlife amongst consumers in Asia. In the past years, Wander and his team conducted numerous studies on behavior change toward wildlife consumption and conducted demand reduction research on ivory/ elephants, rhino’s, pangolins, tigers, shark fin soup, wild meat and zoonotic diseases in various countries.

Dr ADES Gary

Head of Fauna Conservation

Gary Ades joined KFBG in 1994 and was instrumental in developing the KFBG Wild Animal Rescue Centre, which now receives several thousand animals a year and has international recognition. He is an expert on the local Chiroptera (bats). Gary oversees several conservation projects which focus on local endangered species, and a community project that provides mitigation for snake conflicts in Hong Kong. He is a member of several IUCN/SSC Specialist Groups and a regular advisor to the local Authorities.

AU Wai Yee, Florence

Head of General Administration

Florence Au joined KFBG in 2001. She is a Human Resources professional responsible for overseeing the operation and management of the General Administration Department.

Dr GALE Stephan W.

Head of Flora Conservation Department

Stephan joined KFBG in 2009, spearheading the conservation of orchids both in and ex-situ in Hong Kong, South China and the wider Indo-Burma region. His research and integrated approach to conservation have led to the successful reintroduction of rare plants and improved understanding of the threats they face in the wild, including genetic erosion, poaching and illegal trade. He has conducted fieldwork throughout Asia, is active in ecological restoration and is a member of the IUCN-SSC Orchid Specialist Group.

LAI, Maria

Head of Communication and Partnerships Department

Maria joined KFBG in June 2022 as Head of the Communication and Partnerships Department. She has extensive experience in event management and marketing communications, as well as developing and executing marketing strategies for corporations and international brands. Maria is responsible for communicating and promoting the brand, programmes and offerings of KFBG to its stakeholders, particularly the general public. She is an animal lover and enjoys travelling, with a special interest in Japanese art and culture.

WOO, Josephine

Head of Holistic Education Department

Josephine joined KFBG in April 2022 as Head of the Holistic Education Department, which delivers transformative education and learning programmes that reconnect people with nature. She has an extensive commercial and non-profit communication, operations background and strategic development of education initiatives. Josephine is an avid nature lover, hiker, passionate educator, and certified Mindfulness Teacher. 

WONG Lai Yin, Idy

Head of Sustainable Living and Agriculture

Idy Wong is responsible for the management of the Sustainable Living and Agriculture Department, including developing local organic production and raising public support for a low ecological footprint lifestyle. Idy joined KFBG in 2000. She is a trained environmental educator.


Head of Facilities

Nelson joined KFBG in August 2022 to lead the Facilities Department to provide ongoing operation, maintenance and technical services to ensure the facilities and engineering systems are safe and reliable to the visitors and staff.  He is a qualified surveyor specialised in building surveying, project management and facility management. Throughout his over 30 years’ experience in service providers, consultant firms, property developers and public organizations, his responsibilities covered strategic facility planning, property operations, capital enhancement, maintenance, safety, environment management and customer service. As one of the leading figures in the Hong Kong FM field and a green building expert, Nelson was the founding director and past president of the Hong Kong Institute of Facility Management and is director of the BEAM Society Limited. Being a long-serving member of the Conservation Association, Nelson is a nature lover, and hiker as well.