Animation story for parents and kids



In the urban and forest of Hong Kong live many wild animals, waiting for us to discover. Enjoy this animation and animal game cards (suitable for children aged 3 to 7) with your little ones, together discover how awesome nature can be.  

Animation Summary

Hei Hei is a 5-year old boy living in Hong Kong. One day while wandering close to his home, he discovers a mysterious feather. ‘Oh dear, someone lost the feather!’ he thinks. With great curiosity, big heart and a little butterfly buddy, he decides to return the feather to its owner. Throughout his journey he encounters all kinds of residents in the forest, but… does the feather belong to them?

To learn more about wild animals in Hong Kong…


* Inviting you to watch this animation with your kid. Follow Hei Hei to the forest and explore the many animals that live together with us in Hong Kong.

* Remember to put on your detective lens and listening ears, to look for hidden signs of animals (some signs are to listen for, you may turn on the sound if you wish) ; assist Hei Hei to find and return the mysterious feather to its owner.

Match them up! Discover the secrets of wild animals

* Share more about each kind of animals with our animal fun fact cards
* Enjoy matching or memory game with your little ones
* Have fun and learn more about the forest and our animal neighbours
* Please download the animal game cards here 

Animal Detectives

Next time, when you are having a stroll close to your home, you can be an animal detective like Hei Hei, maybe you would discover hidden signs of animal friends that live close by.