Hot off the press: Results of biodiversity survey of Yunnan’s Gaoligongshan Mountains

China Eco Tales

The internationally renowned Journal of Threatened Taxa just published a special edition on the results of our joint four-year biodiversity survey of Gaoligongshan Mountains (Tengchong Area) in Yunnan Province. This monograph covers an overview of the biodiversity assessment, diversity of mammals, birds, herpetofauna and butterflies in this mountain range of immense conservation value.

Initiated in April 2014, the project biodiversity assessment was a collaboration between Kadoorie Conservation China and Yunnan Gaoligongshan National Nature Reserve (Tengchong Bureau). In the past five years, the team spent 680 working days to update the current diversity, distribution, and status of the different animal taxa. 

Highlights of our survey results:

  • 46 mammal species, including Burmese Red Serow (new record for China) and Marbled Cat (new record for Tengchong) and Gongshan Muntjac (new record for Tengchong)
  • 387 bird species, including 116 new records for Tengchong
  • 59 herp species, including three new-to-science amphibians and 17 new records for Tengchong
  • 216 butterfly species, of which 80 per cent are new records for Tenchong

Read the journal: