“Wait your turn!”

Animal Stories

The baby bird season has arrived and the KFBG Wild Animal Rescue Centre is experiencing daily deliveries of rescued nestlings. Thanks to the rapid call out responses of the SPCA and their dedicated team of inspectors, animals in difficulty receive quick attention across Hong Kong 24 hours a day and in all weather conditions.

Once wild animals are passed to the KFBG rescue centre, the vets and animal care team take over and provide all the necessary medical attention and care to assure that the animal patients are given the best chances of survival and return to the wild.

These photographs were taken recently while several young birds were receiving their end of day feed, and illustrate how busy the team becomes once the young animals have arrived. The birds have to be fed several times a day and line up impatiently to take their turn in receiving the healthy food mixture that the animal keepers have prepared.

Once birds start to feed on their own, they are moved to larger facilities to grow out their juvenile plumage and start to practice flight. Their space in the veterinary Ward is then occupied by the next birds that are delivered in quick succession and this conveyor belt of young life continues all spring and summer.

There is also a dedicated team of volunteers that support this busy life saving work and the centre appreciates their contribution very much. If you are interested in volunteering at KFBG please go to our website and see what opportunities are available for volunteers across several conservation and education programmes.

Always think twice before picking up a nestling bird, sometimes you may not be rescuing the bird but taking it away from its parents. Often the young birds just require being placed off the ground and onto a branch to avoid attracting predators such as cats. The parents may be nearby and still feeding the youngster. Always look for the parents before taking the nestling away or calling the SPCA just in case it is still being cared for.

See the recommendations on rescuing baby birds here.

You are welcome to contribute to the life-saving work of KFBG by donation.

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The photos show a Blue Magpie, two Black-faced Laughing Thrushes and two Crested Mynah’s awaiting their turn to be fed. This regular feeding routine for the animal care staff can seem quite amusing to others, watching the different species together awaiting their turn to be fed. In the present case the birds are quite orderly and fairly patient. Sometimes young birds refuse to take their turn and will impatiently remind the carer that they are waiting to receive food!