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‘Connecting with the Energy of Nature’ Five-day Level I Residential Workshop by Dr. Claire Elouard

1. Introduction

Have you ever heard about the elements of nature and their different qualities and energies? Have you connected deeply with trees? Have you practiced your perception of nature’s energy and feeling your own energy?

Nature’s energy is ever-present in our lives, in the soil we walk on, in the air we breathe and in the food we eat. So, when we consciously connect with the energy of nature, we explore the natural world in a deeper way. This can help us to find harmony and stability within ourselves in our daily life, and get us in touch with the healing powers of nature.

If you wish to join a different level or prefer another workshop duration, click the relevant link below.

One-day Refresher Day
One-day Introductory Workshop
Three-day Level II Workshop (Non-residential)

2. Content

This five-day “Energy of Nature” workshop guides the participants towards the cultivation of a deep awareness of their intuitive relationship with nature, particularly with trees and plants. Through experiential activities, participants will understand and enhance their conscious perception of energy and develop their intuition. They will also deepen their connection with themselves and their own qualities, and with nature and its supportive and healing energy. An exploration of the five elements in nature (earth, water, fire, air and ether), their different qualities and healing powers will be conducted during the workshop.

The experiential activities will allow participants to explore and practise the following aspects:

  • Identification of one’s perception of energy in oneself and in nature.
  • One’s connection to the Earth (grounding and anchoring) and its energy.
  • Stability at body, mind and spiritual levels.
  • Connection with the spiritual heart and practice of centring.
  • Development of one’s intuition.
  • Choice of a tree with which to establish a personal relationship.
  • Energy of the trees and their different qualities and healing powers.
  • Introduction to the five elements in nature (earth, water, fire, air and ether), their qualities and expression in nature and in ourselves, and their healing powers.
  • Identification of places replenishing our energy.
  • Guided contemplations on nature.

Note: the workshop’s agenda and contents may be modified depending on weather conditions and other external factors, in accordance with Dr. Claire Elouard’s professional advice.

3. Teacher: Dr. Claire Elouard

Dr. Claire Elouard is of French nationality. She spent her early childhood in Senegal, Africa, and later studied in France. She has a master’s degree in Biology and a Ph.D. in vegetal ecology from universities in France. She conducted her field research for her Ph.D. in Indonesia, and afterward spent eight years doing research in forest pathology and ecology in Malaysia and south India. Subsequently, she directed an environmental project in the Mumbai area of India, from 2001 to 2015. She is now developing her workshops on “Energy of Nature”.

Dr. Elouard has been deeply connected with nature since childhood. She later developed her perception of nature’s energy and deepened it by learning about the Hindu philosophy of the five elements and their corresponding chakras. She has been teaching people to communicate with nature and perceive its energy since 2004 in India, France, Belgium, Singapore, Malaysia, Mainland China, Hong Kong SAR and Taiwan.

4. Language

5. Target group
People who are new to Claire’s teaching and aged 18 years and above

6. Date
2 - 6 December 2023 (Saturday to Wednesday)

7. Venue
Workshop at Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden, and nearby areas.
Residence at the Green Hub*

*Located on a small hill at Wan Tau Kok, the Old Tai Po Police Station was the first permanent police station to be built in Hong Kong’s New Territories in 1899. The Antiquities Advisory Board accorded it Grade 1 Historic Building status in December 2009. The Development Bureau awarded the site to KFBG to transform the venue into a “Green Hub for Sustainable Living” under the Batch II of the "Revitalising Historic Buildings Through Partnership Scheme". You may visit the Green Hub website at for more information.        

8. Fee
Early bird# discount is available on or before 15 October 2023:
HK$5,800 + accommodation fee

Regular Price#:
HK$6,800 + accommodation fee

#Including guided and facilitated sessions and activities, vegetarian meals, outing arrangements and shuttle bus service between Green Hub and KFBG during the workshop
+ accommodation fee (depends on the room type) per-bed/ person:

Room type & gender


Price per night 

Total price for 4 nights

Single-bed A - male

Fan, communal bathroom



Single-bed A - Female

Fan, communal bathroom



Twin-bed B - male

Fan, air-con, communal bathroom



Twin-bed B - female

Fan, air-con, communal bathroom



Twin-bed A - female

Fan, communal bathroom



Triple-bed A - female

Fan, air-con, communal bathroom



Six-bed -


Fan, communal bathroom



- Since the number of rooms is limited, they are booked on a first-come-first-served basis.
- Multi-bed rooms will be organised according to gender
- For more information about the rooms, please visit HERE

9. Application
Early-bird discount: Click HERE to apply on or before 15 October 2023.
Regular price: Click HERE to apply on or before 15 November 2023.

10. Terms and Conditions
Upon submission of your application and payment, you are deemed to have accepted all Terms and Regulations of this retreat, and the guidelines below:

Green Hub Visitor Guidelines: Click HERE
Green Hub Resident Guidelines: Click HERE
KFBG Visitor Guidelines: Click HERE

In case of any dispute, the Organiser has the right to the final decision on the acceptance of application. If your application is denied, full payment will be refunded.

11. Note
● Please note that this is an experiential workshop. Participants are required to attend all five days of the workshop and participate fully in all exercises to ensure progression.
● To ensure the quality of the workshop for all participants, KFBG reserves the right to select participants for this workshop, if we feel necessary. For unsuccessful applications a full refund will be arranged by bank transfer or cheque within one month.  
● Payment is not refundable after acceptance, unless the retreat is cancelled by KFBG due to inclement weather, under-enrolment, or any other reason.
● Certificates will not be given to participants with more than 1 day being absent.
● It is not expected for learners to participate in more than one level each season, as time is needed for learners to fully absorb the knowledge and embody the experience.

12. Enquiry
For enquiries, please contact Ms Vera Hung at 2483 7107 or

About the Kadoorie Earth Programme

This experience is brought to you by the Kadoorie Earth Programme (KEP).

Kadoorie Earth Programme is being co-created by KFBG and its network of collaborators and volunteers. By integrating the various strands of KFBG’s nature conservation, sustainable living and holistic education programmes, it provides life-transforming learning experiences that reconnect people with themselves, each other and the rest of nature and enable them to cultivate resilience in the face of climate change, economic uncertainty and other related challenges. Facilitated by leading educators, KEP guides participants to experience a paradigm shift, to let go of the same way of thinking that created the problems and open their hearts to new ways of knowing and acting. We invite you to be part of this unfolding initiative, to make a difference together in this world.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used to create them.”
 Albert Einstein