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Eco Melodies: Parent-Child Workshop in Crafting Recycled Wood Kalimbas 2024

Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden is nestled on the verdant northern slope of Tai Mo Shan, spanning a vast 148 hectares of lush forest. This enchanting woodland nurtures a myriad of life forms, from diverse insects and animals to a kaleidoscope of flowers, plants and ferns, each unfolding its own life cycle with the changing seasons. But what happens when the blossoms fall and the branches and trunks gracefully descend with the wind?

Join our workshop and transform recycled wood into a truly unique instrument—the 8-key Kalimba!

This workshop blends the artistry of woodworking, painting and music. Participants draw inspiration from the natural textures on tree trunks, the elegant spirals on snail shells, or the mesmerising presence of insects and animals in the forest. With this inspiration, they design their own patterns and adorn the kalimbas with their artistic touch. Throughout the creative process, relax and revel in the captivating melodies produced by your own hands, immersing yourself in this imaginative and artistic experience.

Beyond indulging in creative arts, you will also gain insights into Kadoorie Farm's tree management system and waste recycling process. Discover the diverse ways in which our farm is dedicated to recycling and utilising organic waste, with the aim of reducing landfill contributions, lowering carbon emissions and striving for ‘zero landfill’ to contribute to carbon neutrality.

Participate in this inspiring workshop and embark on a journey to explore the beauty of wood recycling while making a meaningful contribution to a sustainable future.


  • Introduction to KFBG’s wood recycling programme
  • Explore the fascinating stories of native trees
  • Compost Area visit
  • Guided native tree walk in the Lower Farm area and painting in nature
  • Craft your own kalimbas from recycled wood and learn how to tune them
  • Learn basic kalimba playing skills
  • Each group of parents and children will receive two kalimbas to take home

Section 1: 2 Apr 2024 (Tuesday) (Full)
Section 2: 3 Apr 2024 (Wednesday) (Full)
Section 3: 3 August 2024 (Saturday)
Section 4: 17 August 2024 (Saturday)
Group Applications: Registration is open from Monday to Saturday (except public holidays) throughout the year. Please click here for more details.

10am - 3:30pm

Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden 


Target Audience  
Children aged 6-12 years and parents
*Every child must be accompanied by an adult

10 pairs of children and parents

HK$680 per pair of 1 child and 1 adult
*Including admission fee, activity fee and programme materials.


  • Please bring your own lunch or enjoy a delicious vegetarian lunch at the farm for an additional cost.
  • Payment is not refundable after acceptance, unless the programme is cancelled due to inclement weather or under-enrolment.
  • Please be reminded that people with G6PD Deficiency need to state clearly on application form.

Please CLICK HERE to submit your online application on or before 3 August 2024.
Applications are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

Contact Ms. Alice Lam at 2483 7276 during office hour or email to

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