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Forest Immersion Walk (Group Application)


1. Nature / objectives
The Forest Immersion Walk* is a half-day walking journey that rebuilds your relationship with the forest. During this journey, you are invited to walk slowly, open your heart and immerse yourself, through different senses, into the living forest. Be relaxed and take in all that this magnificent forest has to offer. Let our guides open the door for you and allow the forest to be the therapist to carry you, support you and heal you.

* The Forest Immersion Walk is also known as Forest Therapy or Forest Bathing.

Feedback from Previous Participants
- “Relaxed, fresh and get close to nature.”
- “Come to find silence from city life and experience the music of nature.”

2. Programme Contents
The walk follows a series of invitations^. Invitations are not exercises to accomplish, but more like stages in the flow of an improvisational dance, with the forest as your partner.

  • Pleasure of present: An invitation to open up your senses for the upcoming journey
  • Forest invitations: Several invitations to immerse yourself into the forest
  • Tea ceremony: Give gratitude to the forest
  • Sharing: Throughout the journey there would be time for group sharing

* The Forest Immersion Walk is also known as Forest Therapy or Forest Bathing.

^ The invitations will change depending on the nature of the group and the condition of weather.

Please click here for the programme leaflet.

3. Date
Monday to Saturday (not available on public holidays)

4. Time
9:30 – 13:00 (AM) / 13:30- 17:00 (PM)

5. Venue
Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden, Lam Kam Road, Tai Po

6. Language
Cantonese / English

7. Capacity
Min. 15 - Max 30 people
(If there are over 15 participants, two subgroups will be arranged for this workshop)

8. Audience
Aged 18 years old or above

9. Fee
HKD 150 per person
(including admission fee, programme fee and farm transportation)

10. Application
Group application: Please click here to submit the online application form at least 4 weeks in advance. All applications will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

Individual application: Please follow us on website and Facebook for latest workshop updates.

11. Enquiry
Ms Eliz Leung,Education Department at 2483 7110 or