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60th Anniversary
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KFBG 60th Anniversary

Welcome to the commemorative web-page for the 60th Anniversary of Kadoorie Farm. Here we have included a fascinating ’Timeline’ spanning the years 1956 to 2016. We invite you to take a look back in time and read about the key events of our past under our different legal entities: as the Kadoorie Experimentation and Extension Farm and Botanic Garden, under the Kadoorie Agricultural Aid Association; and as the Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden Corporation (KFBGC), which was established in 1995 under Government Ordinance (CAP1156).
We encourage you to go out and find the many KAAA heritage sites around Hong Kong by participating in the KAAA Heritage Hunt. After you sign up we will give you access to the KAAA Heritage Map, which shows some of the locations of many houses, bridges, roads, paths, dams and farm buildings that were built or sponsored by the KAAA. This map can guide your search. Some of the structures at the marked locations have been found and recorded already, but many have not; and many KAAA project locations are not even marked on the map - you could be the first to find and map a heritage structure! So please look out for the ’KAAA’ marking on structures as you hike around Hong Kong, and tell us what you find and where.  Kindly send us photos, map grid reference and location description. 
We would also like to hear the stories behind these historic structures that came out of KAAA’s agricultural aid and rural village revitalisation projects. So please ask the old timers in the villages if they know the stories.
You can view old photos of KAAA’s and Kadoorie Farm’s work in the Photo Gallery. Please try to recognize the people and places in the photos. Do let us know if you find yourself, or your friends or family, in any photo, and tell us about the event, the people, the places, what life was like in those times and what happened to everyone (please specify which photo you are refering to, using the code found with each photo) . We look forward to hearing your interesting stories about your interactions with the KAAA/KFBG.