The Flora Conservation Department of KFBG is recruiting dedicated nature lovers to donate their time and talent to KFBG’s mission. Join us as volunteers and strengthen flora conservation efforts at KFBG and throughout Hong Kong.

Volunteer Opportunities:

Horticulture and Nursery Work
  • Planting and gardening work, including preparation for the planting materials.
  • Record and check stock of seedlings.
  • Data entry.
  • Assist in horticulture activities and workshops.
Recording plants and other features
  • Bi-weekly update of list of plants at KFBG.
  • Photographing plants in flower and fruit on/off site.
  • Recording features in KFBG using GPS (plants, trails, etc.).
  • Identify vegetation coverage within and outside KFBG using GIS and remote sensing.
  • Assist in mounting and labelling of plant specimens.
  • Data entry for plant collection records in database.
  • Geo-referencing of specimens or distribution records.
  • Scanning specimens.
  • Identification of plant specimens.
  • Other general works in the herbarium.
Scientific Research
  • Participating in tree planting activities.
  • Taking part in field work within KFBG, e.g. surveying plant diversity.
  • Measurement of seedling growth performance in the plant nursery and in the field.
  • Participating in field trips to collect and process samples (seeds, vouchers, silica samples, etc.).
  • Assisting with tree measurements and other relevant field measurements.
  • Tagging and measuring trees in transects and plots.
  • Monitoring, video recording and photographing pollination of orchids and other rare plants.
  • Assisting in sample and experiment preparation in the laboratory.
  • Data entry.

Tree Management
  • Assisting in tree survey in designated areas in KFBG.
  • Taking photographs of trees for record.
  • Data entry.
*Working days are normally from Monday to Saturday.

How to apply

Please click here for online application.

Before you apply, please read the Flora Conservation Volunteer Programme Introduction & Conditions.

Due to limited parking space, volunteers are recommended to take public transportation to KFBG.

You may contact for further questions or information.

Once receiving your application, we will contact you by email shortly.