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Sustainable Living Department
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We believe changing the self and changing world are mutually reinforcing and essential to one another in the journey of transition to sustainable living. Our sustainable living programme empowers people to harmonise our relationship with the environment by creating entry points for individuals to take actions and to provide platforms to enable collaborations that can discover solutions for a collective transition to a life-sustaining society.

SLD also creates platforms, such as the Central Farmers Market and Community Supported Agriculture schemes, to bridge community collaboration for the growth of sustainable food systems in Hong Kong. Since commencement of the Green Hub project in 2015, a new community base is established at the Old Tai Po Police Station heritage site to widen demonstration of sustainable designs and catalyse community engagement for sustainable living.

The four main department roles are:

  1. Operation of the KFBG Green Hub as a living demonstration of integrated conservation to harmonise our relationship with the environment.
  2. Through our Eat Well Programme to showcase the best practices for sustainable catering operations and empowers people to make informed food choices to improve their personal resilience, the community and environment.
  3. Facilitate cross-sector collaborations and partnerships to co-create a collaborative community to explore solutions to address the environmental crises faced today.
  4. Mainstreaming sustainable living by actively engage people to take actions and transit to sustainable living.

The KFBG Green Hub, located at the Old Tai Po Police Station, is our community base for sustainable living. A collaboration between KFBG and the Development Bureau of the Hong Kong government under the Revitalising Historic Buildings Partnership Scheme, the project showcases sustainable living and integrated conservation management. In daily operation, the Green Hub demonstrates how we can live sustainably while at the same time respecting nature and respecting each other in its public services.  Its Eat Well Canteen, guesthouse services, educational programmes and site management were well planned to inspire visitors with tangible examples of how climate solutions can be integrated into daily life.

Visit Green Hub website and facebook to learn more about the project design and visitor programme.