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Fauna Conservation Department
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The Fauna Conservation Department was established in 1994 to support the KFBG Mission and establish programmes for wildlife rescue, endangered species conservation, protected area management and public education.

The Wild Animal Rescue Centre (WAC) was established to address a need to deal with local injured and sick wildlife and support the Government’s efforts to tackle the illegal wildlife trade.  Animal exhibits were developed to showcase non-releasable, native rescued wildlife and highlight the plight of exotic animals from the illegal wildlife trade.  Educational programs featuring wildlife ambassadors were created to encourage visitors to make connections with animals and nature. 

Department projects include the Golden Coin Turtle Conservation project which aims to prevent this native species from becoming extinct in southern China, and the Environmental Enhancement project which investigates and develops animal friendly features that allow wild animal movement across man-made and urban structures and considers innovative ways to deal with a range of animal and human conflicts.  

All areas of the department work are supported by the Education Programme that highlights out puts from the project work, runs activities for adults and children and produces stories for social media that cover achievements and guide public behavior toward wildlife and nature.

The broad aim of the department is "to help conserve animals and their habitats in Hong Kong and the region".

5 key department roles:

  1. Operation of a Wild Animal Rescue Centre
  2. Provision of Animal Programs & Exhibits to raise public awareness
  3. Run Conservation projects for local endangered species
  4. Carry out Ecological Enhancement and Protected Area Management
  5. Carry out Public Education

For more information, please read our Fauna Conservation Department leaflet.

To learn the history of Fauna Conservation Department, please download our History Timeline of Fauna Conservation Department.