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Holistic Education Department
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The Holistic Education Department was formed in 1994, to support the KFBG mission to harmonise our relationship with the environment.  Today, our education programmes raise awareness of the need to transition to a more sustainable lifestyle and provide practical and enjoyable ways for people to grow their relationship with nature.

Our Holistic Education Officers carefully craft the programmes, workshops and retreats to create positive and impactful learning experiences. Our team comes from diverse backgrounds and have attained degrees in Geography, GIS, Environmental Science, Biotechnology, Fine Art, Counseling, English Literature, Journalism, Special Education and Customer Service. Leveraging their knowledge and experience in these areas are helpful in devising well-rounded education programmes. Individuals in our team have also attained several additional certifications, in Forest Therapy, Meditation Training and Zentangle Art amongst others, to further their ability to deliver thoughtful mindfulness and nature education programmes.

Aside from our core team of Education Officers, our day to day work, such as guided nature tours, are supported by nature education volunteers. Through their work, visitors can experience an enhanced learning experience. Our nature education volunteers range from students passionate about the environment, to retirees that have worked in the realms of banking, education, government departments, business, human resource and corporate management.

Our educational programmes cover a wide range of topics and we continue to develop and grow our offerings every year. Currently, our educational programme catalogue includes sessions about wildlife, mindfulness, wood ecology, soil and plants, wood workshops, art and horiculture therapy. The majority of programmes are offered to the general public while some are specially tailored for school groups, NGOs and other organizations. We also conduct outreach events and exhibitions to bring nature to various groups in the community.

We approach education holistically and advocate for wholeness and harmony both within oneself and with nature. We believe that people learn best by learning from multiple perspectives, not only through knowledge, but also using their senses and heart-felt connection.  Informed by a holistic approach, aspects of art, music and meditation are incorporated into our programmes. Over the past years, we have been honoured to work with and host local/overseas artists and visiting teachers from around the world.

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