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Forest Immersion Walk at Dusk 2024

Spending quiet time soaking in the beauty of dusk, it is time to reconnect with yourself and Mother Nature under the light of the setting sun. We invite you to immerse yourself in the enchanting ambiance, witness the ever-changing vitality of the seasons, and bask in the magical moments of the golden hour. 

The Forest Immersion Walk, also known as Forest Therapy or Forest Bathing, offers you the opportunity to spend peaceful moments embracing the beauty of dusk. The walk follows a series of Forest Invitations* that are not exercises to accomplish but more like stages in the flow of an improvisational dance, with the forest as your partner. Invitations include:

  • Pleasure of present: An invitation to open up your senses for the upcoming journey;
  • Forest invitations: Several invitations to immerse yourself into the forest;
  • Tea ceremony: Give gratitude to the forest;
  • Sharing: Throughout the journey there is time for group sharing.

(The invitations will change depending on the nature of the group and the condition of weather.)

Through these Forest Invitations, you will be guided to awaken your senses, walk mindfully through the forest, and deepen your state of presence and connection with nature. Embrace the company and heartfelt sharing among fellow participants, enjoy organic snacks together in the tranquil natural surroundings, and conclude your day on a beautiful note.

Let our guides open the door for you and allow the forest to be the therapist to carry you, support you and heal you.

*We have prepared a series of Forest Invitations in the form of guided audio clips, click here to get a taste of it online.

June Ngan (KFBG Education Officer, Certified Guide by Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Association) 
Holly Ho (KFBG Assistant Education Officer, Certified Guide by Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Association)

Session 1: 30 April 2024 (Tuesday)
Session 2: 14 May 2024 (Tuesday)

5:30pm to 8:30pm 


Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden


Target Audience
Aged 18 years and above

HK$450 per person

*Including admission fee, programme fee, organic snacks, internal shuttle bus fee to upper area and one-way return shuttle bus service from KFBG to Tai Po Market/ Kowloon Tong MTR Station


Payment is not refundable after acceptance, unless the retreat is cancelled due to inclement weather, under-enrolment or other reasons.

Please CLICK HERE to submit your online application form on or before 7 May 2024.  
Applications are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

Feedback from previous participants

  • ‘I participated purely for the sake of joining, without expecting much, but during the process, I discovered many hidden emotions within myself that I don't usually notice.’
  • ‘I became more sensitive to the differences and developed a deeper appreciation for the ever-changing nature.’
  • ‘Throughout the experience, I felt the genuine love that nature bestowed upon me. It felt so real. Even now, back in the city, I still carry that feeling. Bathed in gentle sunlight and accompanied by a cool breeze, it was incredibly comforting. My mood quickly eased.’
  • ‘Although I have experienced hiking at night, the time spent in the forest bathing after dusk felt like being secluded from the world. It was also the most intimate and close time I had with the trees.’

Contact Ms Holly Ho at 2483 7111 / Ms June Ngan at 2483 7112 during office hours or email

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